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Vehicle Assessment Centres
How to adapt your Ford Motability car
When you request an adaptation on your vehicle through the Motability Contract Hire Scheme, you can do so with complete peace of mind. That’s because all the adaptations will be:
  • Produced by Motability accredited manufacturers
  • Fitted by a Motability Accredited Installer who will contact your supplying dealer to ensure they’re fitted before delivery
  • Maintained, along with your car, by the Motability Operations Fleet Service team to provide worry-free motoring for the length of your contract
In most cases your Ford Motability Dealer will be able to order your vehicle and adaptation at the same time, while agreeing with the installer when and where the adaptation is to be fitted.
Using an Assessment Centre
Before choosing an adaptation, we recommend that you seek specialist advice from a Mobility Assessment Centre about which particular adaptations are right for you. Your mobility needs will be assessed (whether you are the driver, or passenger) and advice offered on:
  • The most suitable vehicle for your needs
  • Helpful driving aids and adaptations
  • Safely getting in and out of your vehicle
  • Loading and stowage of equipment
You will find a number of Mobility Assessment Centres nationwide. Although you may need to pay a small fee, fully-trained occupational therapists and a technical adaptation specialist will help ensure you can drive safely and comfortably.

To view more information on the Forum of Assessment Centres, please click on the link below.

Driving Mobility

For details of your local assessment centre, please call the Forum of Mobility Centres on
0800 559 3636 or visit
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