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Finance FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I buy a Ford Direct vehicle from any used car dealer?
A: Ford Direct vehicles are only available through the UK network of authorised Ford Dealerships. This is to ensure the quality of the vehicles and the service you receive. You can find your Ford Direct Dealer by using our Dealer Locator.
Q: Do all Ford Dealerships have access to Ford Direct vehicles?
A: Through our online network, most will have access to the cars that are available and many will have a display of Ford Direct vehicles on their forecourt. Just ask a salesperson for help and they will endeavour to show you a wide selection of vehicles that are just a click away. To find your Ford Direct Dealer just use our Dealer Locator.
Q: What is the Ford Direct standard?
A: The Ford Direct standard ensures that buying a used car is as safe, easy and reliable as possible. All Ford Direct vehicles comply with the original new Ford specification, including tool kits, spare keys and service packs. Any replacement parts fitted are Ford approved and comply with the original specification and all vehicles come with a full service history.
Q: Can I part exchange my existing vehicle?
A: If you’d like to part exchange your old car, please ask your Ford Direct Dealer for a valuation and to find out if any terms and conditions apply. To find your Ford Direct Dealer use our Dealer Locator.
Q: What do the RAC check?

A: The RAC conducts two rounds of independent inspections; firstly to ensure that the Ford Direct standard has been met during the reconditioning process, then again as an added safeguard just before delivery to the Dealership.

Here’s an overview of the areas covered by the detailed RAC inspection:

1. Upper bodywork condition.
2. Paintwork condition.
3. Interior trim and condition.
4. Vehicle instrumentation and control functionality.
5. In-car entertainment and satellite navigation systems (where applicable).
6. Servicing history.
7. All fluid levels.
8. Interior and exterior lights operation.
9. Locks and remote control locking operation.
10. Accessories including vehicle jack and tool kit.
11. Vehicle engine note.

Once a vehicle has passed this inspection, it’s issued with an RAC approved certificate and Ford Direct security windscreen hologram. This guarantees that your car meets our standard and is approved by us.
Q: Will my Ford Direct car be serviced before I collect it?
A: If your car is within 1,000 miles (or two months) of its service due date, we’ll service it before delivering it to your Dealership.
Q: Will my vehicle be valeted?
A: Yes, we will give it a thorough valet to add that finishing touch to your new car.
Q: What if I’m unhappy with my purchase?
A: Your Ford Direct car comes with a 30-day, 1,000 miles (whichever is sooner) exchange plan. So if, for any reason, you want to change it you can, as long as it is:

• Returned to the Dealer you bought it from
• The same vehicle that was sold to you (including tyres and options etc)
• In the same condition as sold
• Exchanged for another car of the same or higher price

If you bought your car on finance, you’ll need to settle the balance with the finance company when you make the exchange, and sign a new finance agreement.
Q: Can I buy my car on finance?
A: Yes, you can. Simply ask the Ford Finance specialist at your Dealership for information about flexible finance packages that suit your specific needs (subject to finance acceptance).
Q: What do HPI and NMR stand for?
A: HPI stands for Hire Purchase Information. This means that your car has been checked to ensure it hasn’t been written off or reported stolen, and that there are no outstanding finance or credit agreements registered against it.

NMR stands for National Mileage Register, a database of mileages logged against vehicles. We check this to ensure the odometer of your Ford Direct vehicle hasn’t been tampered with, protecting you from the risk of ‘clocking’.
Q: What does the Ford Direct Warranty cover?
A: Your Ford Direct Warranty protects you against failure due to manufacturing or material defects in original specification components, except standard service parts, normal wear and tear parts, tyres, trim and bodywork. If you’d like further details, your Ford Direct Dealer will be happy to provide them. To find your local Ford Direct Dealer please use our Dealer Locator.
Q: How do I get the 7 Day Free Introduction to Ford Insure?
A: Ford Insure’s 7 Day  Free Introduction is comprehensive insurance cover, provided at no extra cost on all Ford Direct cars sold to private individuals. When you buy your car your salesperson will arrange cover for you through Ford Insure. They’ll issue a 7 Day Free Introduction covernote, activated from your agreed collection date, which allows you to drive your car away that day.

The offer of insurance is subject to eligibility criteria. Terms and conditions are available on request.
Q: Will I receive confirmation of my warranty?
A: Yes, you will receive a customer pack in the post shortly after your Dealer completes your Warranty Registration. This will contain all your warranty documents, including vehicle details and the warranty expiry date.
Q: If I sell my vehicle, can I transfer the warranty and Ford Assistance roadside recovery?
A: Yes, if you have any remaining warranty and roadside assistance cover when you sell your car, you can transfer it to the new owner free of charge. This extra peace of mind may even help to increase the value of your Ford Direct car. To transfer cover, please contact Ford Protect on 0870 2416 726.
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