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One van, Countless variations
 One, two or more passengers. Medium, Long, Long Extended and Jumbo Long Extended wheelbase. High, Medium or Low Roof. Choose an all-new Transit and you can configure a van that's almost custom built for your business.

H2 = Medium Roof, H3 = High Roof. Figures shown apply to Medium Roof vehicles unless otherwise stated. For High Roof option vehicles, kerb mass is increased and payload reduced by approximately 42kg for L2 models and 45kg for L3 models. Please consult your nearest Ford Commercial Vehicle Dealer for more information.
Transit Van
Wheelbase: L2 (Medium), L3 (Long), L4 (Long Extended)
Roof Height: H2 (Medium Roof) and H3 (High Roof)
GVM: 2900-4700kg
Seats: 2-3
Wheelbase: L2 (Medium), L3 (Long), L4 (Long Extended)
Roof Height: H2 (Medium) and H3 (High Roof)
GVM: 3500kg
Seats: 2-7
Chassis Cab
Wheelbase: L1 (Short), L2 (Medium), L3 (Long), L4 (Long Extended), L5* (Jumbo Long Extended)
Roof Height: H1 (Low Roof)
Seats: 2-3
Double Chassis Cab
Wheelbase: L2 (Medium), L3 (Long), L4 (Long Extended), L5* (Jumbo Long Extended)
Roof Height: H1 (Low Roof)
Seats: 2-7
Bus M2
Wheelbase: L2 (Medium), L3 (Long), L4 (Long Extended)
Roof Height: H2 (Medium) and H3 (High Roof)
GVM: 3500-4600kg
Seats: 11-18
Body Equipment Mounting Manual (BEMM), ‘Drawings’ and ‘Vehicle Weights’
These manuals have been issued to assist meeting requirements of Vehicle Converters by providing a description of vehicle systems along with technical advice.

Adhering to guidelines contained within the BEMM will help ensure the end vehicle complies with appropriate standards and will perform correctly and safely; in addition the guides will significantly limit the risks of Mechanical / Electrical and / or structure failure, component unreliability or vehicle instability.

The intent is to provide information which will assist convertors to modify vehicles in the safest way providing best possible Customer Satisfaction.

Body Equipment Mounting Manuals are available for the following models:

Transit 2006.5
Ranger 2012
Transit 2014
Transit 2014.5
Transit Custom 2012.75
Transit Connect / Tourneo Connect 2013.75

Drawings and ‘Vehicle Weights’ are also available. Access can be gained via the Ford Electronic Technical Information Service (Etis) Home Page – follow tabs for ‘Information’ & ‘Vehicle Conversion’: