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Ford Ranger superior body construction
The first pick-up with a 5-star safety rating
The Ranger has a class-leading safety package, which includes everything from standard driver and passenger airbags, side and curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag to an advanced Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). That’s why it’s the first ever pick-up to be awarded a Euro NCAP 5-star rating. Its security package is equally comprehensive, too.
The Ranger has been tested relentlessly in the most hostile environments around the world. Having negotiated its way through mud, water, snow and sand, it will keep you safe and in control in virtually any situation.
Stay in control whatever the conditions
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)senses any deviations from your chosen driving line and automatically corrects your road position, helping you stay in control whatever the conditions. Below you’ll discover the benefits of the main advanced driving technologies which are part of the ESP:
Extra control going downhill
Hill Descent Control (HDC) gives you greater control on steep downhill gradients, on and off road.

Extra control during hill starts
Hill Start Assist  (HSA) stops you rolling backwards during hill starts, by maintaining braking pressure as you move your foot from brake to accelerator.

Keeping your trailer safely in line
Trailer Sway Control (TSA) detects ‘snaking’ or trailer sway and reduces the Ranger’s speed until the problem ceases, making towing more controlled and safer. Deceleration is achieved by reducing the engine’s torque and gradually increasing the brake pressure on all wheels.

Control features that adapt to your load
Load Adaptive Control (LAC) uses the Electronic Stability Programme to sense whether the Ranger is laden or unladen, by cleverly reacting to steering wheel input. This ensures control and stability under all loading conditions.

Extra power for emergency braking
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) adds pressure to increase the brake force and reduce the stopping distance in an emergency stop situation.

A warning behind when you brake sharply
The Emergency Brake Light (EBL) system flashes the indicator lights to warn other drivers when the Ranger slows down suddenly.

Continuous protection against rolling over
Roll-over Mitigation (ROM) monitors the vehicle and identifies dangerous driving conditions that could lead to it rolling over. The system then triggers ESP to intervene, control the speed and restore stability.

Maximum grip with minimum effort
By precisely controlling the way engine torque is delivered to the wheels, the Ranger’s Traction Control System (TCS) provides better traction, acceleration and stability on loose and slippery surfaces. This also helps prevent wheelspin.

The first pick-up with a 5-star safety rating
The Ranger has an excellent safety package, which includes everything from standard driver and passenger airbags, side and curtain airbags and a driver's knee airbag to an advanced Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). That's why it's the first ever pick-up to be awarded a Euro NCAP 5-star rating. Its security package is equally comprehensive, too.
A tougher body for maximum protection
Ranger’s superior body construction provides a protective shield, which directs the crash force away from the occupants. In addition, the new higher waistline and side intrusion bars increase protection from side impact.

Advanced systems for more controlled braking
A combination of ABS and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), this advanced system delivers safe, effective braking and steering stability, crucially when braking mid corner. It also improves short distance stopping, whatever the conditions.

Airbags to shield you from all angles
Driver and passenger airbags are standard on the Ranger. There are also new side curtain and thorax airbags and an inflatable knee booster. The side curtain airbags protect against head level impacts against the side windows. While the thorax airbags protect from side impacts at lower door level.

Advanced technology for more effective seatbelts
Seat belts are fitted to both front seats and to all three rear seats in the Double Cab. The driver and front passenger seat belt retractors have seat belt pretensioners. These are designed to keep you and your passengers firmly in your seats so the airbags will be more effective, and will sometimes activate alone during minor collisions.

Preventing injury by the passenger airbag
Passenger Airbag Deactivation allows the deactivation of the passenger airbag when it could cause harm, for example when you’re fitting a child seat on the front passenger seat.

Seat belt reminder system for added safety
This illuminates and a warning sounds if the driver's and or the passenger’s seat belt isn’t fastened and the vehicle is moving.

Safer seats for smaller travellers
The safety, comfort and protection of your children are paramount. That’s why you’ll find ISOFIX child seat attachments are available as standard. They include top tether anchorage, which significantly reduces the chance of head injury in an accident.

Collapsible steering column helps prevent driver injury
The steering column collapses into the dashboard, which can help minimise the potential risk of injury on impact.

Headlights that turn on automatically when needed
When the light is poor (day or night) the headlamps automatically come on at low beam. They turn off when the ambient lighting improves, for example when coming out of a tunnel, or when the engine is turned off. (Standard from XLT).
When it comes to protection, every Ranger is fitted with a range of security features. As a result, the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen decreases by 55% and the chances of its recovery improve by 50%.

For added peace of mind, all windows are etched with a unique ID code. This is linked to an International Security Register, which is manned 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Even if thieves do attempt to remove the manufacturing plates, there are two additional hidden security ID labels. These indelibly mark the vehicle and mean it can always be identified.

All models fitted with alloy wheels have the safeguard of locking wheel nuts and selected models also have locks fitted to the spare wheel.
A range of security measures
There’s remote central locking on all three cab styles and a steering column ignition lock.
Our Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) immobilises the engine until your uniquely coded key is detected in the ignition, so your Ranger can’t be driven off, even if a thief does manage to get into the cab.
And in the unlikely event that they do manage to steal the vehicle, Ranger comes with a visible Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), so it can be easily traced.
Steel shielding protects the Ranger’s lock mechanisms.
New high level alarm system
A Thatcham Category 1 alarm system is now available on the Ranger. It automatically arms itself when you lock the vehicle and an alarm sounds if triggered by forced entry, or the sensors pick up any movement inside.

An extra, independent back-up alarm
The battery back-up sounder is an extra alarm system which will sound a siren when the alarm is triggered. It has its own battery so will activate even if someone disconnects the vehicle battery or the battery back-up sounder itself.