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Ford Ranger
Enjoy a mix of capability and comfort
The Ranger has the technology to help you negotiate both hostile off-road conditions and traffic-heavy urban streets. Then again, it also has features designed simply to make your driving experience more comfortable and relaxing.
From conquering steep gradients covered in sand, mud or ice to squeezing into tight parking spaces, the Ranger has lots of technology to help your driving.
Selectable 4x4 lets you match any terrain
You’ve a choice of three driving modes: 4x2 for regular driving, 4x4 (High Range) for poor road surfaces and dirt tracks and 4x4 (Low Range) for exceptionally challenging terrain. The fact that the Ranger clears the ground by 229mm also helps it overcome the most difficult conditions.

Using Electronic Shift-On-The-Fly you can switch between 4x2 and 4x4 High Range, while on the move. The system works in conjunction with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Electronic Traction Control (ETC).
The Ranger adapts to fit your driving style
Select one of three modes: Normal, Performance, or Performance with manual shift. As you drive Ranger's intelligent automatic transmission with Advanced Driver Recognition software monitors your driving behaviour and progressively delivers a more tailored driving experience. The software ‘learns’ the driver’s style and matches the use of the transmission with it.

Additionally the transmission will detect driving situations - for example uphill, downhill, cornering, towing - and ensure that up or down changes are held to the best possible moment to assist control and responsiveness.
Easier, safer reversing with a rear-view camera
As standard on Wildtrak (optional on Limited), the rear-facing camera displays the view behind on a screen incorporated in the rear-view mirror. This can make reversing far easier and safer and shows the tow bar for easy reversing up to a trailer.
Sensors that take the stress out of parking
When the Ranger is in reverse (without a trailer), the radio sounds a warning if an object is located within 1.8m of the rear of the vehicle. The frequency of its beeping indicates how close the object is, making it easy to avoid. (Standard on Limited and Wildtrak).
Cruise control makes longer drives more relaxed
Just set your desired speed via switches on the steering wheel, and let cruise control make travelling long distances less tiring. (Standard on XLT, Limited and Wildtrak).
A Trip Computer provides useful journey data
This gives you important information about your mileage, fuel consumption, speed and the outside air temperature. It also includes ‘distance to empty’: roughly how far you can go on the fuel left in the tank. This is particularly useful on long journeys or out in the wilderness somewhere.
In-dash Satellite Navigation makes sure you get there
Just programme your destination using the in-dash buttons and get audio and visual directions, plus information about your current location and the surrounding area. The SatNav is cleverly integrated into the audio system for security. (Standard on Wildtrak, optional on Limited).
The interior of the Ranger is a relaxing place to be, no matter what the conditions outside.
Set one temperature for you, another for your passenger
With Dual Automatic Temperature Control you can set individual temperatures for the driver and passenger sides of the cab. Standard on Wildtrak and Limited.
New adjustable front seats
The Ranger has fully adjustable front seats for extra comfort. A Power 8-way adjustable driver’s seat is also available on certain models, which lets you reach your optimum comfort setting at the touch of a button. It even includes adjustable lumbar support and integral heating. All front seats have an elevated position, giving you a clear view of the road or terrain ahead. This can give you more time to react, improving the safety of everyone in the vehicle.

All front seats have an elevated position, giving you a clear view of the road or terrain ahead. This can give you more time to react, improving the safety of everyone in the vehicle.
More comfortable rear seats
The Ranger’s more spacious cabin means the rear seats now offer legroom that, in the Double Cab version, is best in class.

Depending on the model, there are head restraints, a centre armrest and cupholders too. On some versions, rear seats can be flipped up and secured, giving extra load space or access to under-seat stowage. The Super Cab comes with optional rear jump seats for occasional passengers. And 3-point seat belts are standard on all seats.

Finally, ISOFIX child seat fittings are also available in the rear of the Double Cab for when you’re out with the family or at weekends.
A range of in-car entertainment systems (ICE)
Choose from four levels of ICE system. The top of the range integrated unit includes a 5" colour screen, AM/FM, MP3 CD player, voice recognition, Bluetooth® connectivity, USB connectivity and Satellite Navigation.
Intuitively designed cabin
Behind the wheel, you’ll notice how naturally the controls fall to hand and how easily you can read the well positioned dials and clear displays. The comfortable, elevated driving seat also puts you in a great position to see what’s ahead.
Top of the range audio system
The powerful six-speaker system can play MP3 files on a CD player and delivers superb sound quality.
Lights dim gradually giving you time to adjust
Theatre lighting dimming automatically and gradually dims the interior lights when the ignition is switched on.
New, contemporary styled interior
All three cab styles are now wider, giving you more headroom and shoulder room in the front than before, with rear legroom that’s equally generous, In fact, the Double Cab version now has impressive rear legroom.
More spacious cabs
When you’re behind the wheel, the elevated driving position adds to the feeling of space. It also gives you an unrivalled view of the road (or terrain) ahead.
Car-like interior comfort
Enjoy the feel and comfort of high quality materials, contemporary styling, plus adjustable front seats and superb legroom. Whether you’re going to a business meeting, building site or beach, you’ll always travel in car-like comfort.
Bluetooth®* with Voice Control
You can make and receive mobile calls, change the music and operate other key controls just by using your voice. So you don’t have to take your eyes off the road (or dirt track), or your hands off the wheel.
Ford Easy-Fuel, for foolproof filling-up
This makes it almost impossible to put the wrong fuel in your Ranger, because the wrong nozzle simply won’t fit. And as Easy-Fuel is a capless system, you’ll never have to handle a dirty fuel cap again.
Wipers that automatically adjust to the rain
Sensitive rain-sensing wipers automatically start working when the first drops of rain are detected. Where these are not specified on a model, ingenious speed-sensing wipers will be fitted instead. These automatically adjust your chosen wiper speed as the vehicle’s speed changes, because the speed at which the rain collects on the windscreen will naturally change too.
Wing mirrors that fold themselves away from harm
On XLT, Limited and Wildtrak models, power-foldable mirrors fold inwards at the push of a button to avoid accidental damage. Heated with side repeaters (indicators) and puddle lamps (included from Limited), they light the floor when you step out.
Quickclear heated windscreen puts an end to scraping
This feature allows ice to be rapidly cleared from the glass without scraping and provides swift de-fogging. Standard on XLT, Wildtrak and Limited.
Ranger automatically lights your path
Triggered by remote unlocking or the ignition being turned off, Puddle Lamps, give you better visibility when you’re approaching or leaving the Ranger in the dark. The Puddle Lamps, which illuminate the ground next to the front doors, are available on Limited and Wildtrak.
Lots of handy stowage space
Life is easier when it’s organised. And Ranger can help, with lots of handy stowage spaces. There are three centre console storage areas (short, long and long with a section cooled by the air conditioning system) depending on the type of cab you choose. They contain storage bins suitable for food, as well as cup and bottle holders, trays for small items, and that all-important space for your mobile. The glovebox offers a huge 11.9 litres of space and can hold a 15” laptop, a compact umbrella and more. You’ll also find plenty of stowage pockets around the cab, while the Double Cab also has two large, under-seat stowage areas.
Easy-to-use, ultra-secure control panel
The new central console lets you control all the advanced functions of the integrated audio system using a central joy stick. It’s easy to interact with and, unlike a conventional set-up, impossible to steal.
A rear-view mirror that stops you being dazzled
For safer night driving, the electrochromatic mirror automatically dims to prevent glare from the lights of following vehicles. On Wildtrak models it also has a display section for the reverse camera. Standard on XLT, Wildtrak and Limited.