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Blind Spot Information System
5-star safety levels
The Ford C-MAX and Ford Grand C-MAX offer outstanding levels of safety. In fact, both have been awarded a maximum 5-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests.

The Grand C-MAX scored maximum points for its protection of young infants in impact tests and an impressive 96% for its all-round protection of adults. The C-MAX achieved virtually maximum marks for its protection of young infants and a 92% result for its adult safety measures.

Find out how the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX earned their safety ratings, and why their security levels are equally high.
Coordinated safety systems are ready to activate in a split second
To reduce risk and keep everyone safe, the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX are equipped with an advanced Intelligent Protection System. IPS coordinates a number of safety systems to protect both you and your passengers.

As well as a rigid, impact-absorbing bodyshell, containing advanced high-tensile steels, there’s an array of airbags to shield the car’s occupants from every angle. To reduce the chance of injury in the event of an accident, the steering column and pedals are designed to collapse away from the driver.
Feel more confident when cornering or braking
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) combine to ensure that your braking is more controlled. The brake assembly has also been improved to give a swifter response.
ESP monitors the conditions to keep you in control
For peace of mind, Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) constantly monitors your vehicle’s progress. It senses any deviations from your chosen driving line, such as if you start to skid, and automatically corrects your road position to help you keep control of the car.

The system is always active, but you now have the option to switch to the ‘Reduced assistance’ mode. This helps in slippery traction situations, such as deep snow. ESP also incorporates Traction Control, which eliminates excessive wheel spin and gives you the best possible grip, performance and stability when you need it most.

Finally, with stiffer front callipers and front and rear friction materials, the latest generation of ESP gives you better response from the brake pedal and maximises braking effectiveness in difficult conditions.
Extra power for emergency braking
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) helps the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX achieve maximum braking effectiveness in an emergency situation. The system senses how much pressure you’ve applied to the brake yourself and, if necessary, automatically increases it.
Extra control during hill starts
Pulling away on a hill can be tricky, but not any more. Hill Start Assist stops you rolling backwards when making a hill start. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2.5 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator. It’s also useful when you’re stopping and starting on slippery surfaces. (Standard on Titanium and Titanium X, and available as part of a Pack on Zetec.)
Airbags to shield you from all angles
You’ll feel a lot safer knowing there’s an array of airbags protecting you in the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX. Six airbags come as standard, including driver and passenger front airbags, side airbags with head and thorax protection, and inflatable curtain airbags with thorax side airbags.

If for any reason you want your airbag switched off, for example a baby or toddler is travelling in a rear-facing seat, the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX have an option that makes this easy to do. With a flick of a switch, the passenger airbag can be deactivated – this is indicated by a light in the instrument cluster to provide a useful reminder. (The airbag deactivation switch is a Ford Dealer fit accessory.)
Easier reversing with a rear-view camera
Bollards, low walls, kids playing… the rear-view camera shows whatever’s behind you on a screen built into the display on your dashboard. As well as showing you things you might not see, it helps you park, by displaying virtual lines to guide you into the smallest space. For added convenience, the rear-view camera activates automatically when you select reverse gear. (The rear-view camera comes as part of the Sony DAB Radio/CD Navigation system, available as an option on C-MAX and Grand C-MAX Titanium and Titanium X.)
ISOFIX child seat attachments
The safety, comfort and protection of your children is paramount. That’s why you’ll find ISOFIX child seat attachments available as standard on the two outboard second row seats in both the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX. They include top tether anchorage, which significantly reduces the chance of head injury in an accident.
Seat belt reminder system for added safety
This Grand C-MAX feature helps keep your rear passengers safe and secure, while you’re on the move. If anyone in the second- or third-row seats doesn’t have their belt fastened correctly, it gives you an audible and visual warning. You’re also alerted if a seat belt is released while on the move. (Grand C-MAX only.)
Power child door and window locks
At the click of a button, this innovative feature enables you to safely secure your most precious backseat passengers. (Standard on Grand C-MAX.)
Technology that alerts you to cars you can’t see
The Blind Spot Information System uses radar sensors to see vehicles that may be hidden in your blind spot. They’re situated on each side of your car and alert you with an orange light, clearly displayed in the side door mirror. (Option as part of Driver Assistance Packs.)
Technology that lets you know if you’re drifting out of lane
Lane Departure Warning uses a forward-facing camera to alert you when you change lanes without indicating. Three short vibrations are sent through the steering wheel, while a warning light is displayed in the instrument cluster. (Option as part of Driver Assistance Packs.)
An early warning if a tyre is going flat
If any of your tyres starts to lose pressure during your journey, the Deflation Detection System will warn you immediately by illuminating an icon on the instrument panel. That way, you’ve the chance to stop safely and fix the problem. (Standard on Titanium and Titanium X.)
Set your own speed limit and the car stays within it
Integrated with the cruise control function, the Speed Limiter lets you set your top speed, simply by using a control on the steering wheel. Then the car stays within it, so you can keep your eyes on the road, not the speedometer. When you need to go faster, just press the accelerator to override the system. (Cruise control is standard on the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX Titanium and Titanium X.)
The C-MAX and Grand C-MAX have a comprehensive package of security features, both standard and optional. Wherever you park your car, you can be more confident it’ll still be there when you return.
  • Perimeter alarm
  • Remote central double-locking
  • Thatcham Category 1 alarm with interior sensors and battery back-up sounder
  • Power child door locks
  • High-security, anti-burst locks, shielded with strengthened mountings to prevent tampering
  • Our patented Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) immobiliser, which disables the engine until your uniquely-coded key is put into the ignition.
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Key Features
Open and close the twin sliding rear doors with one hand.
Maximum versatility and a handy walk-through for easy rear seat access.
Flexible seating you can change with one hand.
Hands full? Press a button and the tailgate opens itself.
Helps you park in spaces just 1.2 times the length of the car.
More power, less fuel, lower CO2 emissions.